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12 December 2010

Renungan Harian, 12 Desember 2010 – Minggu Adven Ketiga (Gaudete)

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Dan orang orang yang dibebaskan TUHAN akan pulang dan masuk ke Sion dengan bersorak-sorai, sedang sukacita abadi meliputi mereka; kegirangan dan sukacita akan memenuhi mereka, kedukaan dan keluh kesah akan menjauh. (Yes 35:1-6.10)

Hari ini adalah hari Minggu ketiga Adven, biasa disebut Minggu Gaudete atau bersukacita, karena kelahiran Yesus sudah dekat. Kita patut bersukacita karena kelahiran Yesus adalah karya Allah untuk memulihkan dan menjadikan manusia utuh kembali. Kerajaan Allah sudah datang!

TUHAN itu Raja untuk selama-lamanya, Allahmu, ya Sion, turun-temurun! Haleluya! (Mzm 146:10)

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  1. I’ll start this off by saying that I haven’t yet pelayd through the Ryder Cup nor have I pelayd through any of the PGA career. I have the swing difficulty set to Advanced using a WiiMotion Plus and I use precision putting. I pelayd a significant amount of the 2010 version (2 PGA seasons, 2 times through the skills competition).Right off the bat, nothing has really changed with the interface. You can play now, play a career, enjoy the mini-games, go online, etc. The GUI is different, but who cares about that? The career interface is the same. When you get to the character modeling, everything looks the same, except it doesn’t behave the same as the 2010 version. I literally set everything identical to my model from last year (because I had done a spot on job) and the face looked completely different. Hair and skin tones are horrible. Why did EA change something that worked fine before? Not a big deal, as it has no affect on gameplay, but annoying nonetheless.Let’s move on to your skills. You now have only 4 categories; Power, Accuracy, Recovery, and Spin. Removed are the sub-categories, putting, and luck. Luck shouldn’t be there anyway, but putting?!?! How can you remove putting skill? Also, improving your skill is VASTLY different. You simply gain general XP points as you play, whether that be through good shots or winning competitions/tournaments. For each 25000XP that you gain, you get a single attribute point that can be put towards one of the 4 skill categories. So, if you git a 350yd drive, you don’t get power-specific XP, you just get general XP that moves your closer to the next level. Each skill category maxes out at 10 attribute points. You can gain these fairly quickly through the skills competition.The skills competition has also changed. You now have 16 player cards (Tiger has 4) with 3 skills competitions per card (48 total) that have the bronze silver gold medal system. These can be quite difficult and frustrating, but are definitely fun.Keep in mind that I have pelayd no actual tourneys yet, just pelayd in the skills competition. This is enough to determine that the swing physics have changed. The results no longer tell you if you hit a fade or draw, but will tell you the degree to which your club face is open/closed at impact. Even if you hit a perfectly square shot, your ball can go off line. I have hit maybe 10 square shots so far. It is extremely difficult to do compared to 2010. Hitting out of the rough .forget it. No matter what the game tells you, it will go 50% of that. It is still difficult to stick irons on the green, as they all tend to roll forward. You can’t pitch with any club aside from wedges which makes no sense whatsoever. Pitches, chips, and bunker shots seem to come out erratically. very difficult to hit accurately.Putting is where I’ve seen the most problems. The precision putting seems the same. The percentage bar is on the left side and is fairly easy to read. However, if your pace is even slightly off, you will not hit the percentage you want to hit. Also, the ball seems to have very odd travel paths on the green. For example, if you are hitting on a slope, instead of the ball going fairly straight at first and then breaking more as it slows down, it seems to have a constant break regardless of speed. Again, totally unrealistic.So far, I’m not impressed with this game. TW 2010 for Wii was frustrating and difficult at first but it was a totally new way to play video game golf. The game is fun to play and legitimately challenging. TW 2011 seems to have changed things for change sake. Why mess with things that aren’t broken? I would have been perfectly happy with keeping the same skills system and same game physics. The addition of the Ryder Cup and the changing of the skills competition is the only positive change, IMO.Last nitpicky items. You still can’t skip pre and post shot animations. Speed play option is horrible. I want to skip animations but still watch my ball flight. Its still all or nothing. Auto-save is removed and now you have to tell the game whether you want to save after every thing you do. Where are Faherty and McCord?! Bring them back! It would be nice to have a restart’ option during skills competitions instead of having to back out all the way to the menu.

    Comment by Gohan — 23 January 2014 @ 02:23

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